#Lexigraph pause: but you can still vote

it is a truth

If you’ve enjoyed Lexigraphing with me over the past couple of weeks, then please do come along to the pitching event on Saturday night in Dundee- tickets are free and there’s also free craft ale from Eden Brewery. There’s plenty of other cool stuff happening as part of Dundee Literary Festival so if you’re not a local then think about having a daytrip and soaking up the culture.

If you can’t make it on the night but still want #Lexigraph to win, then tweet your support for the project, including the hashtag #STVspark in your tweet.


We’ve passed 850 words, so i’m calling for a pause on sending in #lexigraph word photos for the time being. If I’m lucky enough to win the STV Digital Spark award on Saturday night, then the project will go ahead & a shiny, lovely, online database will be created to which further word-photos can be uploaded directly (& from which blocks of text can be translated into Lexigraphs automatically). If not, then the pause will have to last a while longer until funds magically appear from elsewhere. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in words, RT’d call-outs, and been so positive with their feedback. Fingers crossed for the future!

ae fond kiss


#Lexigraph update: punctuation & letters wanted


8 days after my original call out and we’re up to 652 photos of words. Woo hoo! Thank you to all the lovely Tweeps & emaillers for your more than generous response. So generous, in fact, that I had to stop RT’ing you on Day 3 to avoid becoming spammy.

With four days to go until I pitch at the STV Digital Spark award to make #Lexigraph turn from an amazing idea into an amazing piece of tech I’d like to issue a slight variation on the ‘lend me your words’ challenge. I’d like to get some interesting punctuation and a wider alphabet of single letters. Words and phrases still gratefully received, naturally. Keep tweeting them using the hashtag #lexigraph so that I can harvest them for the ever-expanding database. Continue reading

#Lexigraph: help me find the right words #STVspark


The visual world around us is teeming with words: adverts, street art, signposts, menus, newspapers, pub signs. We skim over them, extracting basic information and forgetting them as quickly as a cliché in conversation. Our attention might be momentarily arrested by an stylised font, quirky placement, bright colour or unusual size of lettering, but we’re busy people with places to go, activities to undertake and texts to read so we leave these words and we forget them. Continue reading

Making plans and new arrivals

14th century commonplace book

Preparations for my residency in China (as two.5, with the American Photographer Samantha Silver) are starting to come together. We’ve both got our visas now, and my vaccinations are almost probably definitely up to date Continue reading

Words Cannot Express (short story)

image ©  _Harry Lime_ via Flickr
image © _Harry Lime_ via Flickr

After reading the first line out loud, my mum falls silent.  I dig my nails into the palm of my hands.  She holds the piece of paper away at arms length while she reads and narrows her eyes.  Her reading glasses are in her bag but she always squints, claiming that they tend to smudge her mascara. Continue reading